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who we are

    Welcome to Project Ownership 101, a company designed to help each individual meet their goals and achieve their dreams.     

Our purpose is to help consumers get out of debt, improve their credit (score), assist those struggling under crushing student loan debt, and obtain what they believed to be impossible. 

Whether it be purchasing a home, purchasing a vehicle, applying for a credit card, or taking out a loan for (home) improvements, it all begins with good credit and being free from debt. Bad Credit, No Credit, Crippling Student Loan Debt, we can help.

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What We Do

what we do

          Although Project Ownership 101 began with performing credit and financial consultation, it has evolved to include refinancing/restructuring of student loans. Our constantly updating repertoire of contacts, collaborations, and partnerships has allowed us to provide our clients with a variety of services: Credit and  Financial Counseling, Student Loan Refinancing/Restructuring/Loan Forgiveness*, Mortgage Consulting, Networking with Licensed Realtors and Mortgage Brokers, Notary Services, Real Estate Coaching, Plus an In-House Paralegal specializing in Family Law matters, Small Claims, Record Seal and Expungements. Our connections allow us to offer you the Best In The Business. 

How We Can Help You

How we can help you

We begin by obtaining your credit report and scores from the 3 major credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and Transunion. We will go line-by-line and evaluate every item on your credit report: Open accounts, Closed accounts, Items in collections, Late Payments, Loans (Student or otherwise)...and the like.

We will then meet with you to devise a plan for improving your credit, as well as Refinancing/ Restructuring/ or completely Eliminating your Student Loan Debt (if there are any).

Afterwards, we will continue to keep a monitor on your credit, and inform you as to any changes to either your credit report or to your credit score.

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