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Building Wealth by Providing Clients a Path to Financial Freedom

Become either a Field Agent or Referral Agent

As an Agent you will: 

  • Receive $100 for every person you refer who joins Project Ownership 101 and receives our services

  • Have access to the back office; this will allow you to view the progress of your referrals who signed-up with Project Ownership 101 as clients (letters sent to the various creditors & 3 major credit bureaus, informational emails sent to each client, etc...)


  • But as a Field Agent, you have the opportunity to reach a wider audience by setting up monthly seminars to inform friends, family, and your community all that  Project Ownership 101 has to offer (credit & financial consulting, credit repair consultation, student loan refinancing/restructuring, down-payment assistance, closing-cost assistance, and much more) 

  • Field Agents will receive seminar training, including: how to approach your audience, how to read your audience, what to say (to attract clients), the right image to project (to pull in clients); Everything you need to know to hook your audience and turn them into clients  

Work Smarter, Not Harder. ONLY $150 (one-time fee) to become a Project Ownership 101 Agent. Take advantage of the opportunity to earn additional income and achieve financial freedom.

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