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The Purpose of Financial Planning

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

The purpose of financial planning is to help us map out our lives and prepare us, not only financially, but also mentally and spiritually for the road ahead. Financial planning also helps us to stay aligned and focused. As we align our relationship with Christ, this greater bonding will help us to stay focused on Him and as well as our goals.

As children most of us are not taught the importance of finances, savings, or

good credit. Unfortunately, this lack of knowledge comes to affect us negatively in our

adulthood, as we find ourselves without financial means during a time of crises due to

lack of savings, plus a lack of obtaining financial means due to a bad credit rating

(score) or, for some, a lack of credit. This financial guide was created to help you in

taking your first steps on the path to controlling your finances and securing a future.

But remember, the root of financial planning is based on you NEEDS, not your wants.

Line your priorities so that you can build a solid foundation for your household and

maintain stability throughout.

Life is full of distractions. Don’t allow these distractions to detour you off

course. Just remember to stay focused. Look for solutions to your problems, and not

the other way around. Planning ahead will allow you to work out your flaws, think

before acting on impulse or emotions, and prepare a better structure to guide you. On

the next page is a Financial Affidavit. This affidavit will help in factoring your income

(from all income sources) and sort out your household’s average monthly expenses.

This will give you a better understanding of where your money is being spent every

month. In seeing this, if may give you a better insight as to where you may be able to

cut back on some expenses, allowing you to plan a savings that will get you closer to

your goal of purchasing a home, a car, building up a retirement fund, or saving for the


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