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You spend your childhood in school, moving from K thru 12, finally graduating (generally around age 18 or 19), then prepare to start the next book of your life known as “Adulthood”. Your childhood is behind you, no one telling you what to do. You are an adult now, which means “you decide”, and no one can decide, or plan, for you. How you start and what you plan to do is your decision alone. Or so you think. Little do we know that before we even entered adulthood, our credit, (and essentially our financial future), has already been determined for us.

So how is your credit score determined? Good question. When you were born,

you received a social security number. This number identifies you with your parents,

your family’s background and the demographic in which you are surrounded. Although

the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA) was designed to prohibit credit discrimination

(on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, age or if you are

receiving public assistance), the social security number was enacted in 1936 for the

sole purpose of tracking ones earnings and determining the benefits of US workers in a

specific area or region.

Ergo, no one starts off with a credit score of “0” to work their way up from, nor

does anyone begin with a credit score of “850” or “900” and certain circumstances

causes it to go down. The system of the “social security number” was designed to

determine your score for you based on your demographic, as the first 3 digits of your

social security number are based on that address of where you (and your parent(s))


But although we may have been given a bad hand, we determine how to play the

hand we’ve been dealt, and to make the most of it, to achieve higher from there; or we

can simply be content with the hand we’ve been dealt. However, we believe it is human

nature to strive for greatness, to not give up, to be more than what we are and what our

circumstances have allowed. To not be content with low or mediocre, and to not only

strive for better, but strive for the BEST.

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