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When families make the decision to purchase life insurance, they are often in the process of experiencing a major life-changing event, such as getting married or starting a family. However, too often, most people do not think of purchasing life insurance until a major life-threatening event has occurred, such as a stroke, heart attack, hospitalization, or any other event in which they could potentially lose their lives. They suffer deep feelings of remorse and regret that they have become so ill without assuring their loved ones will be financial protected in the event of their death.

Most people do not want others to be held responsible for paying off any outstanding

debt that was incurred by them during their lifetime. A life insurance policy makes sound sense, as the money from the policy will not only go to funeral and burial expenses, but will also go towards settling any outstanding debt, such as final credit card bills, balance of a mortgage or auto loan, or any other outstanding bills, leaving their loved ones in a better financial position.

Instead of leaving debt, imagine the security of knowing that by purchasing a life insurance policy, you are instead setting an example of responsibility and caring. There will be enough money to see to your final needs and money left over enough for your children to purchase their own home, use for their education, or have enough set aside for a rainy day. A life insurance policy will provide you with the ability to have a positive influence on the future for those you love.


But just as it is important to ensure you provide a secure financial future for your loved

ones, it is equally important that you are with them for as long as possible. This involved

maintaining good health, which can be achieved through good health insurance. Health

insurance allows you to pay for health care here and now. It protects you and your family in the event of serious illness or injury that could be very costly otherwise.

Most important to health care is preventative care. Those with health insurance are much more likely to get annual check-ups and other diagnostic test that can catch serious medical conditions early on when they can still be treated. The latest research shows that people with health insurance are found to be both physically and mentally healthier. Prevention and early detection are they key to a long and healthy life.

For a private consultation in regards to obtaining either Health or Life Insurance contact:

Andrew Zaccagnino Monique & Michael Williams

Health Insurance Specialist Life Insurance Specialists

941.552.6259 941.592.0318

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